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With so much happening across campuses this semester, one can easily get caught up in the moment and ignore the more pertinent occasions. As much as I believe every single campus event matters, some are undeniably much more significant than others. This is why I put this list together for you, to enable you choose wisely as you attempt to eat your cake and have it.
1. Movie Nights
Apparently, over 50% of college students are movie lovers and i’ve got reasons to believe you fall into this category. While the HD movies on your laptop and your comfy bed might be such a great combo, it can never replace the sound, lightings, cheers, sighs and applause that come with an ideal cinema setting. Need more perks still? Most college movie nights are absolutely free! So you get the entire cinema experience at no cost at all. Remember to come with your own popcorn and drinks tho’, those ain’t always free..
2. Alumni Networking Events
What can’t your alumni network do for you? From record deals to business deals to job opportunities to contracts.. the list is endless! The power of you alumni network can never be over-emphasized. How do you even get to meet these people if you don’t attend their events? If you happen to be of the opinion that alumni networking events are for the old and boring, kindly change that notion ASAP. Your alumni network could be the key a perfect future!
3. Road Trips
Never underestimate the power of road trips! When else could you be faced with the rare opportunity of picking a seat beside that gentleman or lady for whom you’ve rehearsed a perfect pitch all semester? Road trips are often as free as movie nights but the extra perk for ‘intending couples’ is that on a road trip, there’s room for deep conversations as your partner doesn’t get carried away by the movie.
4. Charity Events
Because you are often choked with school work and other events and you may tend to forget to leave a little something on the side for the less privileged, these special events are put together to enable you give back to the society with ease.
5. Dinner Nights
Here’s your perfect date night absolutely free! Free food, free drinks, free music and possibly a fine table for two. You wouldn’t want to miss events like this for the world!
6. Fraternity/Sorority Events
While some fraternity/sorority events maybe in-house (strictly for members), a good number of them are often open to other students as well. These are the kinds you don’t want to miss as they’re often packed with lots of activities like games, pool parties, movie nights and an endless list! Fraternity/sorority events are more like a one stop shop for events (Get it all in one place).
7. Thrift Shopping Events
If you hate excessive repetition of clothes, this one’s for you! Trade in your old clothes and get new ones for a fraction of the regular cost. You can end up changing your entire wardrobe with just a hundred bucks! Look out for thrift shopping events on your venew app especially since summer break is around the corner, they could come in handy.