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About Us


We created Venew to empower event organizers to reach out to their audience better.

Students are looking into better ways to share and discover events and new places around them while colleges are spending thousands of dollars annually to improve event engagement on their campuses. We designed the Venew app to bridge the gap between event organizers and students on college campuses by empowering them to reach out to more students better and faster than before.

With Venew, any student can share events with their campus community with a simple click, and access additional analytical and communicative features at no cost. Though paper flyers are still a big thing on college campuses, they do not allow organizations to keep track of how many people are viewing their event posting and showing interest in their events. Other mediums such as digital signs are successful in creating initial awareness but unsuccessful in creating follow up with interested users. Venew is the all-encompassing platform for any event organizer to create initial contact with his/her campus and follow up with people interested in their event.

We built Venew specifically — and exclusively — as a mobile application because college students are always in motion. We made the Venew app simple, quick and intuitive because exploring your campus shouldn’t be difficult.

Simply put, we built Venew for YOU!

Thanks for trying the Venew app — it’s a compass in your pocket, that would help you find events you’ll love in your community.


Venew is growing and seeking interns. Ready to join a small company with big ambition that is changing the way events are shared on college campuses? Tell us your story and provide your LinkedIn profile or attach resume

Marketing/ Business Development Intern