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Quick question: Is it really possible to keep up with all the amazing events on your campus and still be an A-list student?
That sounds like eating your cake and having it yeah? Well, yes, yes and yes! And contrary to popular opinions, you certainly won’t break down.
I graduated in December last year and after spending the last four years of my life exclusively on books and obtaining a certificate that may end up stuck in a pile of other irrelevant documents for the rest of my life, I woke up to the reality that I had wasted a chunk of my time. No parties, no events, no life!

Say you love programming and you’re taking software engineering as your major in college; perfect! But does that necessarily mean no events or maybe just a few events? Of course not! The Venewapp would never even permit that..

Okay enough of the life history talk, here’s a few practical methods you could adopt to maximize your time and live your campus life to the full:

1. The Not-So-Cliché Priority List
Priority lists have become a ‘must-do’ for any allegedly serious person. I’m not about to dispute the importance of having one but then how do you use it? While making a priority list, you may be tempted to include every single course assignment, project or any form of deliverable first before making room for any ‘extra-curricular’ event and what could possibly be wrong with that? Often times, there’s no extra room.
Prioritize your academic deliverables because you have to stay in school to be able to attend campus events in the first place but please work with deadlines. There’s no point missing a great event that’s happening on campus tonight to work on a deliverable that is due next month!

2. Events as Incentives
Throughout my college days, the only things I used as incentives for long hours of study were a good meal or a nice long sleep. That was a really terrible idea because whether or not I studied, food and sleep were basic health necessities so I practically had no incentives at all. So lets say today is Monday, you’ve got a deliverable for Friday and a big event on campus on Thursday. Get the deliverable ready for Wednesday (two days earlier) and attend the event on Thursday or get the deliverable ready much later and miss the event entirely. This takes a lot of discipline but you could challenge yourself with a couple of friends too. Remember, team work makes the dream work!

3. The Event Leave
Just take a break. Its that simple. Take a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly break and attend a few events. Just like a maternity leave, study leave or a health leave; you too can take a vacation simply for the purpose of attending events. It’s not as ridiculous as it sounds. Trust me, everyone needs a break sometime. You’ve worked for it, you deserve it!