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Valentine’s day is just around the corner and you may be looking into some creative ideas on a date. Tired of the same boring dinner dates every year? Or the very cringe Netflix movie dates with the lights turned off, here are our recommendations for a memorable Valentine’s day on campus (and they’re quite affordable too!)

5. A walk in your school arb

The trail at my college’s arb spanned at least 2 miles, that gives a lot of time to talk! Also, with 21 stops on the college’s arb, you could turn the walk into a fun game, where at every other stop you each reveal one thing you think is attractive & funny about the other person. This could create a much more intimate bond than you’ll ever get from the traditional movie night.


4. Racquetball Date

Perfect for a more competitive person who may not be good with relating under pressure. Racquetball is the ideal spot that puts you both in your own space (the racquetball court). Unlike your classic dinner date or Netflix date, there is less pressure on you as both of you are in motion, hitting the ball around the court. This presents you with an excellent opportunity to express yourself to that special someone without the worry of being under too much pressure.


3. Pizza at your favorite campus spot

Pizza?! yes, regular Pizza but not at your regular spot. Pick a nice and quiet spot on your campus. The picture above illustrates the idea. Be sure not to pick a spot by an entrance/exit or in a busy academic building, so that there’s a significant limit to the number of people who stop by with innocent but unforgivable interruptions.


2. Mongolian grill

Here’s to the foodies! Of course, I’ve got you covered. Mongolian grill is cheap, fast and enjoyable. But here’s the most interesting detail; you get to pick the ingredients for your own food yourself! This is undeniably much more exciting than a fast food or regular restaurant meal-order process and it adds a little fun to the equation allowing you both to explore new tastes together in a memorable way on a memorable day.


1. Classic Room Date

Perfect if you have no room mate. Rather than having a regular room date, how about baking a cake together and enjoying this cake with some wine in your room. Whether or not you know the steps, google could be a great third-party. Don’t just eat in your room, sit together and make a small picnic setting on your floor. You can add some candles, depending on how romantic you want to be. If you have room mates, you may have to buy their absence with movie tickets. Don’t you think its worth it?

There, you have it. Five amazing ideas, just a single pick or maybe two if you’re buoyant enough. I encourage you to put your partner first in your choice of how to spend this much anticipated ‘day of love’ because love is about making sacrifices, isn’t it?