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As 2018 unfolds, schedules get tighter, semesters get tougher, months gets shorter and wallets get lighter. We found a perfect escape from all the pressure and decided to share it with you. From comedy to adventure to Sci-fi to action, here’s 10 of the most anticipated and exhilarating movies of the year which every campus must show!


10. Gringo

Starting off at number ten is this action filled movie fused with comedy and dramatic intrigue. This movie will definitely light up the cinema hall of every Campus.


9. Game Night

Monopoly, scrabble, chess and draft? Oh certainly not! Sequences of the most dangerous games you could ever imagine and well, maybe they’re not just games. This suspense filled mystery/crime movie guarantees to keep all campus students glued to their seats for almost two hours as they anticipate the outcome of the next big game.


8. Pacific Rim 2:  Uprising

Action, Sci-fi and of course, some comedy; Pacific Rim 2 is where all your high-level grade school robot-war imaginations come to life. A ‘must-show’ for every campus!


7. Red Sparrow

Trained to rip-off her humane nature and use everything to get anything, here’s Jennifer Lawrence at her best as a Russian spy. This mystery/thriller movie promises to be one of the most mind-blowing movies of this year.


6. Mission Impossible

If you’ve seen MI 1 to MI 5, you already know what to expect from this Tom Cruise’s movie filled with intense action. a unique blend of accustomed faces and an impressive array of newcomers!


5. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Who thought that Dinosaurs had disappeared forever? Well, you thought wrong because the Jurassic world is back! A sequel to Jurassic World (2015), this movie is a perfect consolation for the three-year long wait for our favorite Dinosaurs to return and have Chris Pratt play the ‘Dinosaur guardian’ again but this time, he had no idea what was coming.


4. Tomb Raider

Who needs to go to the woods for some adventure when you can get it all and so much more from the screen of your campus cinema. Tomb Raider is certainly not your regular ghost movie as the name might imply but a tale of an intriguing young female adventurer who took her greatest adventure tour to the very middle of the Devil’s Sea.


3. Black Panther

This movie earned a whopping $75.8 million on its very first day (including $25.2m in Thursday previews). You must have heard all the hubbub created by fans, critics and movie lovers all over the planet. This is the one movie that would have all campus cinema seats completely filled up and for the Marvel fans, it’s just what you’ve been waiting for! There’s no need to gamble on this one because its been released already and the reviews speak for themselves.


2. Solo: A Star Wars Movie

Ready or not, here he comes! Determined to become the greatest pilot in the galaxy, Han Solo meets his future co-pilot and encounters a notorious gambler years before joining the Rebellion. This Star Wars story featuring Alden Ehrenreich and Emilia Clarke is an exciting combo of fantasy and science-fiction. No wonder its way up the ladder as number two on our list.


1. Avengers: Infinity War

Finally, the greatest of all times! Beginning from an idea to the awareness that one cannot save the world alone, this team of all your favorite super heroes and their allies have set out again to fight their most powerful enemy yet, – the evil Thanos. Everything the Avengers have fought for has led up to this moment but would they record another tremendous victory or would this be their last battle together? This is certainly the most anticipated movie for 2018 and it sits comfortably on the throne as our number one movie every campus must show this year.