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As the year draws to an end, we look back at the cinematic pieces that offered us an escape from the long nights of studying, the papers due, and reports to be completed. If you didn’t have the time to catch some of the great showings or you’re still feeling nostalgic and want to re-watch them over the holidays, here are the top 10 movie showings on campus this semester.

10. Baby Driver

Don’t worry this isn’t about a baby driving a car. This action crime movie featuring Ansel Elgort and Jamie Fox starts out with number 10 on our list.


9. Atomic Blonde

This action movie about a sleek Mi6 spy, douses some fiction with history. The movie had good receptions in the box office, and was deinately a campus hit for 2017.


8. Logan Lucky

Fast Cars, heist, Channing Tatum, what more is there to say, this movie doesn’t disappoint and would light up any campus movie night.



Perhaps one of the most expensive movies of the year, with a budget of almost $200 million dollars. The French Science Fiction movie is a must watch for all the adventure movie lovers, though it’s nothing to brag out for a budget of that caliber.


6. The Big Sick

A movie about finding love just always has to make the list. This movie about a guy who desists his parents advise to date a woman who doesn’t fit their “expectations” and goes on to find true love. This is always a good movie to feature on an evening with not too many other events going on.


5. Get Out

Perhaps the hugest commercial success of 2017. For such a low budget of $4.5 million, this horror movie saw the screens of many campuses. This movie may make you question who to trust, but shouldn’t be taken out of context as it is just a fictional horror film.


4. I.T

Perfect thriller for a Friday night, while this is a supernatural horror film, it’s quite hard to decide if this is a typical Slasher Horror Film or an actual spooky supernatural movie. One thing for sure though, there’s nothing more creepy than a laughing clown that preys on little children.


3. Dunkirk

This is definitely a thriller for all the war movie lovers. The remake of the 1958 famous war movie Dunkirk comes in as the biggest war movie of the decade already grossing over half a billion dollars in box office. This wasn’t much of a surprise as the $100 million budget movie features very sophisticated illustrations that offer a very surreal enactment of the 1940 German invasion. The film is also shorter than your average war film as it spans for just over a 100 minutes, which comes in as much shorter than most famous war films which have been known to run very well over 2 hours.


2. Beauty and the Beast

A very notable classic, it was no surprise this movie starring Emma Watson was going to be a big box-office hit. The original screenplay has produced a very famous series of animated films and one of the longest-running Broadway musicals, Beauty and the Beast come in number 2 on our list. The movie came in as the biggest box office film of 2017, grossing over a billion dollars. This classic comes in with very strong reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. This film would definitely spark up any boring weekend night.


1. Wonder Woman

If you didn’t already guess it, in our number one spot for the semester is Wonder Woman. This was without a doubt the most featured campus movie of the year 2017. We’ve seen many DC Comic Characters feature in big movies, from the decades-old Superman franchise to the Batman & Dark Knight movies, we foresee this as the birth of a new franchise of movies for the DC character. This film also brings an extra splurge into the superhero movie industry as it has been long dominated by male action figures most notably Batman and Superman in their respective franchises. The Wonder Woman film is one of the first action movies to premiere with a female character protagonists.